December 5, 2016


Another week under my now very full mission belt. This is my last week of normal missionary work. On the 12th I will be leaving the zone, a new zone leader will be taking my place, I will have a few days to say goodbye to some old areas, my last dinner and testimony meeting with President and Sister Rasmussen, my final “get back to the real life” training session, and then there’s only a big old plane ride standing between me and all you guys back home. And so, the countdown continues.

 This last week we really gave it our all. We had a wonderful and inspiring zone meeting last Saturday. This was the last time I as a zone leader would have the opportunity to teach the missionaries in my zone. Its funny because almost a third of our zone is comprised of missionaries who have less than a month in the mission field, then there’s me. We talked about the importance of belief, and that believing Christ means believing that we have the capacity to achieve all he has set us out to do.

 I never thought I would have the faith I have in Him as I do now but looking back on the mission, I can easily see that in all my times of hardship and also my times of joy, the only thing I needed to do was believe in Him, his promises, his Gospel, his words.

 This past week we put the finishing touches on Dionilas back yard. It is now fully finished and she couldn’t be happier. We have become quite the talk of her neighborhood. Everyone refers to us as the “Mormones Gringos”. Through the service we started talking to one of her neighbors named Janet, who also is going through a similar bleak situation. We taught her last Sunday and the look in her eye told me that indeed she felt something touch her heart. We taught her how to pray, and she said a wonderful prayer to finish our visit. We wrapped up the week with 12 new investigators and the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional.

 I love this church, this gospel, and everything this time of year stands for. It wont be long before I get to see you guys again, then it really will be Christmas.

 Elder Cruz


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