November 21, 2016


So, the title of this email, “The Wonderwood” refers to myself and my companion Elder Underwood for the crazy, wonderful and eventful week we have had so far as companions. Elder Underwood is just so stoked to be my last companion and his energy, enthusiasm, and faith is something to be admired. In spite of the fact that I am many months his senior, he has taught me many valuable lessons, and I appreciate him greatly for his example.

 This week, I guess you could say we found our 17 miracles, and by that I mean we miraculously found 17 new investigators this week! I think that’s a record for my mission. The funny thing is, the only thing we did to gain so much success was think outside the box a little bit. We went out and knocked doors like normal but instead of offering to share about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration, the only thing was said was that we were missionaries of the Lord Jesus Christ, and all we wanted to do was sing a Christmas Carol. And that we did. And wouldn’t you know it, it opened the hearts of the people. In a single day we found 6 new investigators, all because they were touched by the simple yet powerful message of the Christmas hymns.

 This coming week we have an Elder from the 70 coming to visit our mission, Elder Hugo Montoya. I will be with him along with the rest of the zone leaders this Wednesday at 7:30 am for a special leadership meeting and the general meeting will begin at 9:30. I will also be singing in the choir for the special musical number, which will be a mash up of Battle Hymn of the Republic and Let us All Press On. If I could take a video, I would. Luckily this time, I didn’t get stuck playing the piano hahaha.

 This week I have been thoroughly pondering the teachings of Elder Montoya regarding the representatives of the Lord. In a recent talk, her offered missionaries 3 Bs for success. Be alert, Be Genuine, Be Obedient. For myself, I have taken to heart his advice to try and be genuine. The Gospel never has nor ever will be preached according to the crafts or wisdom of men. We are not salesmen looking to boost our stats. We are missionaries of the Lord, and as such, our message is the only one which truly radiates genuine love, genuine, hope, and genuine truth. I have pondered much over the idea, and it has wrought a might change in my teaching methods for the past few weeks.


Well, Elder Montoya is coming this Wednesday. Gotta get practicing!


Elder Cruz


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