November 14, 2016

Last Transfer! Last Shot!


With the passing of one more transfer here in the mission, I am finally heading into my final weeks as a missionary. And wow, if you guys could only imagine what’s going through my head right now. For the moment, all is well and calm however. My new and final companion is a good friend of mine named Elder Underwood. He’s from Idaho and has about 16 months in the mission. Elder Norman got called to be the new Personal Secretary to the mission President so he will be living in the office now. He was pretty stoked haha.

 Looks like I will be finishing my mission here in Lopez Abuja. We saw many tears shed for the parting of Elder Norman but I feel incredibly blessed that I will remain with these amazing people. In the past weeks we have seen many miracles. Many new investigators have accepted to be baptized and little by little we see the hand of the Lord guiding our steps.

 In our last district meeting, Elder Wood, my district leader, called upon me unexpectedly and asked me too share my testimony and a word of advice for the district. Caught off guard, I didn’t know quite what to say. But the good news is, the Spirit moved quickly upon me. Almost without thinking about it, I testified of the importance of Christ like love in our lives. I have reflected since on that subject and I can say now with total conviction that the pure love of Christ is the great driving and motivating force that empowers missionary work and any form of gospel living. It has been the power through which miracles have been brought about in my mission,

 This past week, as we sang goodbye to many members and investigators for the transfer of Elder Norman, I could feel manifest the love of Christ in those such unforgettable moments. I can testify now that this has been one of the greatest lessons the mission has taught me above all else. That when there is Christ like love in ones life, there is no sin, there is no anger, there is no in holiness. It is how one gets close to, and stays close, to God.

 I think more than anything, this love that I feel for the people here is what I want to bring back home with me once December rolls around.

 Elder Cruz


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