November 7, 2016

Everything work out better than we thought.


The highlight of this week was by far our monthly zone meeting. In our last session of leadership council here in the mission we were surprised to see a significant drop in out baptisms for the month of October. To make matters worse, the zone with the worst performance was by far our own, Piura Central. As zone leaders, Elder Norman and I went home that night thinking just what could it be that we were lacking as leaders so they the missionaries could accomplish more. We had a zone meeting to teach the next day and we were out of ideas. To be honest we anguished over the task. We prayed and prayed hard to know what to teach. We were feeling pretty discouraged since this is the second month in a row that we have had a pretty minimal performance as a zone. After much thinking, we came to an idea.

 We had all the Elders and Sisters take off their missionary name tags and we went on a little “trip back in time” to the moment when they first received their mission call. We had the zone share their experiences, their stories, their feelings, what was going through their head at the moment. I brought my actual mission call and we had one also in Spanish. We read the words of the letter, just like we all had done before leaving home. The Spirit filled the room instantly. From the moment we read the words “You have been hereby called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” tears began to fill the eyes of many of our missionaries. There was a little moment of silence when we finished reading. Everyone was reflecting deeply, each asking themselves if they were really living up to their potential, if they really were working hard to fulfill their calling. We asked each Elder and Sister to put their nametag back on and we read the words of Alma, “Can you feel so now?” It was an incredible experience.

 As I myself reflect over the experience, something hit me hard right in the heart. I am by far the most senior missionary in my zone at this point now, and in short amount of time, this nametag will be coming off for real. Its crazy stuff.

 But, while there is still time, Elder Norman and I continue to press forward. We are working with this 9 year old girl named Luanna whose parents are less actives and she is yet to be baptized. We have been with this family for months and months and now and we are sooo close. We are crossing our fingers that Luannas father, Joesph, will pass his interview with the bishop and be found worthy to baptize his daughter. We have also found a new family whose last name is Huacchillo. We found them just knocking doors late at night, we were almost sure we were going to finish that night with no new investigators but with faith we went for one more door and lo and behold we found them. They are a family of 6, 4 of which are old enough to be baptized. They even came to church this past Sunday on the first invite! The Lord is indeed smiling upon is.


Elder Cruz


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