October 31, 2016


Baptisms, barbecue and a happy Halloween

Last Saturday we were blessed to see our dear sister, Maria Hilda Puelles Facundo make her way to the baptismal font. Even though she came very, very slowly, leaning heavily on her little wooden cane, she did indeed get through it with faith and honestly I am so happy that she even managed to go under the water haha. You see Hilda is very weak in her legs and knees, she can barely walk for a few minutes before having to sit down. She is diabetic and suffers arthritis and all kinds of joint pains. We tried baptizing her while having her sit down on a little still under the water but her feet went up every time Elder Norman tried to submerge her. We finally decided to take the stool out of the second try failed as well and I was so afraid that her little knees wouldn’t be able to bend back far enough for the baptism to work out.

 I have never even seen Hilda stand up fine by herself, let along bend her knees back. But through some sheer perseverance she did it and I felt a wave of relief crash over me, seriously I was so nervous. I know the Lord blesses each of his children is small and simple eyes that many times appear insignificant to human eyes. Maybe an old lady bending her knees a little bit doesn’t seem like much but knowing her and even more, knowing the Lord, I am certain I witnessed one of his many tender mercies that day during the baptism.

 Hilda later on gave a stunningly powerful testimony. What really touched my heart was her testimony on the family. Hilda has never married and has never had kids. She lives alone and all her family live 5 to 6 hours away in a mountain community called Huancabamba. As she gave her testimony she said with almost tears in her eyes that she feels like she has found in a new family in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints. It was a touching moment, and I am grateful once again that the Lord has used me as an instrument in his hands to bring about good.

 Today was Halloween and we managed to convince our Mission President to let us do a barbecue in the mission house. Our whole zone got loaded up on hamburgers and steaks and a whole ton of candy, most of which I took home and is now filling up our food storage. Happy Halloween I guess!

 Elder Cruz


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