October 3, 2016

The Adventure in Piura Continues….


Another 6 weeks have flown by and once again transfers are upon us. Looks like my adventure here in Lopez Albujar here with Elder Norman will continue because he and I did not get transferred out. Hallelujah. We will be welcoming a brand new sister missionary straight out of the MTC into our little zone here in Piura Central so we are excited to see a new face, lets hope she adapts quickly.

 Just a little note about the Guinea pig we ate last week just to make you all laugh. Turns out that when we gutted the little guy, we forgot to take out the gall bladder. It was so small we didn’t even notice it. When we threw the Guinea pig into the pot to cook, the gall bladder exploded and the bile was cooked into the meat. When we actually served and ate the Guinea pig we noticed there was like a slight sour, bitter taste to it but we paid no attention. Only afterward did we realize our error. Haha so yeah basically we screwed up a little bit, but it was all worth it.


This past conference weekend was incredible. I could feel that all of the talks were 100% inspired and directed by the Spirit, and the Spirit was able to guide me just as it guided the speakers. I was especially impacted by the themes of repentance, real faith, true worship, and not losing sight of just how marvelous, promising, and awe inspiring the gospel is. Also, shout out to Sister Rhynard for performing in the Saturday afternoon session! We are so proud hahaha!

 Elder Norman and I had the blessing of meeting and bringing to church this past week a small, frail old lady named Hilda. She is from a mountain community named Huancabamba where the Church is not yet officially established. Hilda, despite her age, was very open to our message and continues to read the book of Mormon every day. She accepted our invitation to be baptized but cried when she confessed to us her fear of not being able to attend church for her poor health. She cannot walk very long distances and tires out very easily. We assured her that we would be at her side every Sunday so that she could come to the chapel, and we would do whatever it takes. It was heartwarming to bring her to conference. Due to her age, she normally has a very worn out, tired look to her, but when the Prophet came to the pulpit, she sat up straight and her eyes visibly lit up. She listened intently as President Monson expounded on the Lords plan of happiness. It looked like she was absorbing every word. I was certain that Hilda managed to find an essential piece of her testimony that day.

 Another 6 weeks lie ahead of us and Elder Norman and I are ready to take em on.

 Elder Cruz


2 thoughts on “October 3, 2016

  1. Every time I read this amazing Elder’s letters not only am I moved to tears by his level of spirituality, but I have to laugh at the vivid pictures he paints in my mind of, for example, guinea pigs swimming in soup.
    Hurrah for Israel Elder and way to butcher your own dinner!


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