September 26, 2016


Baptisms, miracles, and dead little animals!

Elder Norman and I celebrated the close of this last week with an exotic Peruvian lunch. We went out to the market this morning and found some guy who was willing to sell us a live rabbit and a Guinea pig all for the total of about 15 dollars (50 soles). Now, being missionaries we cant have pets, but we didn’t go out today looking for pets. It turns out that Peruvians like eating Guinea pigs (which are known as “kui”) so we called up some members and in no time we were cooking up some Guinea pig and rabbit in a giant pot. Unfortunately, I had the task of slicing the Guinea pigs throat. He didn’t enjoy it very much (neither did I). My friend Elder White taught me how to skin the fur off, that was cool. There was lots of blood, but hey it tasted great.

 The reason for celebration is because last Saturday we were blessed to see our good friend Oscar Gomez enter the waters of baptism. Oscar is a good man who hasn’t had the best of luck with his wife and family. His wife left him many months ago and has permitted very little time for him to be with his three kids. She didn’t even let them be present at his baptism. He suffers from many financial debts and the pain of no longer living with his kids, but as I saw him step into that font, I had no doubt of his faith. In the past months I have seen this man make some huge changes in his life, to from learning how to pray to leaving alcohol behind to being willing to pay tithing even if he doesn’t even make enough money to support himself. He is a man with a sincere heart, and I am just glad to say we could be instruments in the Lords hands to bring him to this point in his life.

 Elder Norman and I continue to find miracles everywhere we go. The ward is starting to catch the wave on missionary work and new investigators pop up out of nowhere, just letting us know that God is always conscious of his children. Its been fun this past week.

 Elder Cruz

 p.s We finally caught the rat in our room!



One thought on “September 26, 2016

  1. Mother says she is glad your eating it and not her. That is what she had during the depression. Rabbits and squirrels. May lord bless you for your service


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