Sept 19, 2016



We had companion exchanges with the Assistants this week so I cleaned my room and got on my A Game for this one. It was a really incredible experience because in spite of the fact that all our appointments fell through, we still managed to find the Lords miracles.

 Miracle number 1: All of our plans had fallen through basically and it was around 6:30 in the afternoon. Elder Vasquez suggested that we go and knock doors until our next appointment. I sat down on the curb and told him we should say a little prayer to know where to go. I said the prayer and as I soon as I opened my eyes, I saw a house that caught my attention. We knocked and a man in his 40s or 50s walked out with that little look on his face that people get when the Elders come to bother them. He clearly knew who we were and what it is we do. As we talked, he confessed that he was a less active and had been very dedicated to the church before. He had received up to the Higher Priesthood and was a local leader in Piura Central but for various reasons he had fallen away and lost his testimony of the Church.

It was funny and incredible at the same time when he asked us “okay, who sent you guys?”. Clearly he thought that some church leader had sent us to go look for him. I looked him right in the eyes and all I could say was, “Well, God did”. We told him we had just said a prayer and were instantly led to his house. Needless to say he was a little surprised and this little experience got us another appointment on Tuesday.

 At the end of the day, the assistant, Elder Vasquez, complimented me a lot on my teaching skills. He said I was one of the best teachers he had seen in his experience working with Zone Leaders. Not to get all proud of myself, rather it was humbling to see that God sent one of his missionaries to help me see the good in myself. I am always trying to improve of course, but its nice to know how far I have really come, from that awkward Asian looking gringo from Washington who couldn’t even understand a normal conversation, to an effective instrument in the hands of the Lord. I am grateful for what it is I teach, and for what God has taught me.

 Coming up next week we have the baptism for our good friend Oscar Gomez. Pray everything goes well! This man has come a loooooonngg way and his mother is ridiculously happy that he is taking this step by being baptized. We are indeed excited as well.


Elder Cruz


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