September 12, 2016


We ran out of water but God answered our prayers


So to start this week off let me mention that we had recently suffered some sort of terrible drought this past week. We woke up one day and went right to a service project. We get back to the room and to our horror there is no water coming out of the shower or the sink. And so began a terribly annoying 5 day drought. We just ended up hauling buckets into our room from the next nearest water source. It wasn’t that fun. The waters back now so all is good in the neighborhood.

 Last Saturday, God once again put a little miracle in our path just to let us remember once again just how intricately and delicately he directs His work. I remember months back Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the 12 came to our mission. Among many things he left us with this little nugget of wisdom: “As servants of the Lord, He will never send you anywhere without a purpose”. I had the chance to see that promise fulfilled last Saturday.

 We had planned appointments for every hour of our day and we were feeling good, but one by one they all fell through, every single one of them. It was 7:00 at night and we had nothing to do. I was kind of annoyed at the whole situation (we were even fasting at the time). My companion and I decide that its time to say a prayer. We each pray and after about 5 minutes of quiet reflection, my companion says he think we need to go “that way”.

 We walk for like a good 10 minutes without any purpose really when we stumble upon a small house made out of mud bricks. We can see that there is no electricity in this house and the only light we see is a little candle. We knock on the door and a man named Luis comes out. We just tell him “we felt that we needed to come here. Will you let us in?”. And he does.

 As we begin our visit we can see that the wife is physically and emotionally drained. They told us that times were hard for them and that they had recently given birth to a child who was born 2 months early. The baby was very weak and for the past 5 months it had been in the hospital. We were able to share a sweet message about faith and trust in God, and in the little candlelight I could see a tear slide down the wife’s face as we talked. They happily accepted another visit for the next week.

 It was a powerful moment, and I am once again very humbled to see just how God leads us to those who need us.

 Elder Cruz


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