August 5, 2016

The work Goes On!!

The days keep rolling by and the work just doesn’t quit. This week we had to dedicate a lot of time to meetings with President and other local leaders. Our stake president has set up an initiative for us in the month of September to work more in cooperation with the ward council and in specific the Bishop to visit less actives and progressing investigators. So basically my companion and I are going around bugging all the ward leaders and trying to visit them all, its been fun.

 We went out one day with this brother named Enrique Ascarate and we challenged him to go out with us and place a Book of Mormon with his neighbor. He was so excited and jumpy he basically explained everything from the first vision to eternal marriage in the temple before we could even ask his neighbors name.  Well, at least the members are energized and willing to help.

 Our investigators have been difficult lately but Oscar still gives us a lot of hope. This past Sunday he finally stayed for Elders Quorum and he had a really good time. We see him smiling a lot more now, as opposed to past weeks when all we would ever see was like this little frown he always had on. His family issues continue to be a trial for him but we can see the gospel taking action in his life and his desire to learn more as become increasingly larger. We are waiting anxiously for the 24th, we hope all goes well.

 Looking back on this week, its become very clear to me just how much the hand of the Lord is in our mission. Things have changed so, so much since I first got off the airplane and I myself have changed much more than I thought. I found myself staring in the ceiling the other day, worried about how little time I really had life and still I have many things I want to improve and change about me. At the start of this transfer I found a lovely scripture in D&C 101: 15-16 where the Lord gives the following advice to the saints: “Be still, and know that I am God”. Its true that time is short and I have a lot to fit into a few short months, but for now, I think I will follow that advice. Just to be still, and let things take their course. Got more work ahead of me this coming week, its gonna be a good one.


Elder Cruz 


One thought on “August 5, 2016

  1. I read your blog to my mom every week

    Thank you for your service.

    Mother says she is waiting for you to play piano and violin for her. She will be 95 next month


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