August 29, 2016


So its the first week of a new transfer and my new companion and I managed to jam pack the whole thing with so many contacts and so many lessons. The whole thing just turned into like this big double decker sandwich of spirituality and success. I guess you could compare this week to a deluxe Red Robin cheeseburger.

 My new companion is Elder Norman and I have known him for a long time. I call him my “disciple” because over the course of the mission he seems to have followed me wherever I go. I first met him back in Paita where we were in the same zone for two transfers. I then go to Talara. One transfer later Elder Norman comes to Talara and we are back in the same zone. One transfer later I get sent to Piura Central and he stays over in Talara. One transfer later and wouldn’t you know it Elder Norman and I are companions now. He is a 19 year old football player who lives in Morgan, Utah but is actually from Las Vegas. He plays the piano just like me and we are basically the best of friends since we have been together in the mission so long.

This week we were finally able to bring our good friend Oscar to church. Oscar is about a 35 year old man whose mother is a recent convert to our church. For months the missionaries have struggled to get him to accept a baptismal date. We have prayed for Oscar many nights and one day, out of the clear blue sky, during a visit in his mothers home, we ask him to say a kneeling prayer with us. In his own words he said, “Thank you Heavenly Father for this gospel. which I am beginning to feel is true”. This is all happened the week before my companion Elder Troncos left. Fast forward a week and now me and Elder Norman are teaching him the Restoration. At the end of the lesson we both felt we just had to extend the invitation to be baptized just one more time, and to our amazement, he said yes. We sent next to him on church this last Sunday, and we are expecting his baptism on the 24th of Sept.

 Oscar is just one of many miracles we have found this week. We managed to find 10 new investigators, we almost broke the goal for contacting 100 or more people this week, and we are seeing an increased level of success in our zone, which is to me the best, since I was worried that maybe with the transfers the companionships wouldn’t get along or something of the sort. But all is well is Zion (for now). Apart from the family of rats that seem to be living in the walls and eating our oatmeal at night, we are getting by just fine.

 Elder Cruz


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