August 15, 2016


This past Sunday was Stake Conference here in Piura Central and wow there were a ton of people. I had actually left my violin in my last area (in Talara) but nonetheless I was asked to play the violin with the stake choir and a violin somehow magically appeared in my hand. I dont know how. So I ended up participating haha. It was a lovely experience, we played and sang “Nearer My God to Thee” and “Let us all Press On”. Elder Calderon from the Area Seventy presided the meeting and gave me a little shout out when he began his talk.

 The conference was wonderful, the talks were themed around how to help missionaries in the work that we do. I remember our mission President standing up to speak in the meeting and sharing a scripture in Moroni 7, in which the Moroni explains the ministry and work of the angels of God. With a spirit so strong that is characteristic of a mission president, he looked out at the 20 or so Elders and Sisters in the room that day and proclaimed to the entire congregation, “Brothers and Sisters, there are angels among you, and they are called missionaries”.

 This last week we have been trying out best to distribute and share the Book of Mormon with everyone. Just today we were returning back to Piura from our trip to Canchaque. We had a 3 hour bus ride ahead of us. The man at my side tapped me on the shoulder and asked what religion we represented. I knew an opening line when I saw one of course and began to explain. Eventually our 30 minute conversation led me to hand him personally a Book of Mormon, with the promise that if he read it, he would draw closer to Christ. With time I drifted off into a nap when someone tapped my shoulder once again. It was the same man and as it turns out in the time I had been asleep he had read the Intro, the testimony of the 3 and 8 witnesses, and the testimony of Joseph Smith. He had a lot of questions about the gold plates, the angel Moroni, and all that fun stuff. I had been praying to have more opportunities to share the Book of Mormon with others and looks like God took my prayer to heart. I gave him the address to one of our churches and I hope with all my heart one day he will attend.

 I also had the chance to teach in a zone meeting we recently had and there is a scripture in Mormon that I felt inspired to share. In the scripture, Moroni explains that God is indeed a God of miracles, and that while the end has still not yet arrived, Gods miracles will continue among men. I have about 4 to 5 months left in my mission, and I was touched by the meaning of this scripture. While I do have little time, while the end is still yet to come, God will not cease to work miracles in our mission, and I believe whole heartedly in that promise.


Elder Cruz


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