August 8, 2016


It’s been a busy past couple weeks here in our zone and most of the time my companion and I seem to just be up to our necks in administrative tasks and errands. First there’s this meeting then there’s that meeting, then that Elder has such and such problem and them the Sisters have to move to a new house and then we got to do a report and yeah that’s just how it is.

 But as always, to every problem there is a solution and for us this week, our solution has been the Book of Mormon. This past week we have really put an emphasis on shaking off our fears and sharing this book with every living thing that comes into our path (dogs included). Our investigators who never once came to church, after hearing the teachings and exhortations of the prophets and even Jesus himself in the Book of Mormon have begun to attend with us. We see several of our less active families begin to turn their attitudes around thanks to this Book.

 I remember teaching one less active lady named Karina. She and her husband had just separated after a long and difficult series of marital issues. We thought for sure she would not be coming to church with us due to her current state. But as we sat in her house, opened up the Book and read with her the invitation of the book to come unto Christ, the spirit took over and there she was for church this last Sunday.

 There was another family, by the last name of Lachira, whom we taught about the Atonement using the words of Mosiah 3. The look in their eyes was something else as we did our best to really bring to their remembrance the significance and magnitude of the Saviors atonement. The Book of Mormon has a very powerful influence and many times it teaches the missionary lessons a lot better than we can. It has been a huge blessing in our lives.


Elder Cruz


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