July 25, 2016


I thought the cough I had would die down this week but lo and behold I was wrong. I can get through the investigator lessons without much trouble but once we get back out into the street its pretty much a disaster haha. Just coughing all day long, but up till now its hasn’t proved much of a problem.

 Things continue to go well here in Lopez Albujar. Its a lot hotter here than it was back in Talara so once again I find myself burning up slowly. The ward here, although large in numbers, needs a good push in the right direction. I haven’t been in an official ward for an entire year so working with the ward council and trying to figure what they expect from us is a little challenging.

 As I think about the things which we have before us to accomplish I always seem to find myself reflecting over things I learned in the past. I don’t feel like its any sort of coincidence that the Lord has, for the most part of my mission, placed me in small, hard to manage branches in less populated areas. Now that I am a zone leader and find myself working with a large ward, all those things that were required of me in those challenging areas have proven to be invaluable training experiences and lessons. I have said to my investigators many times that the Lord doesn’t not work by coincidences or simply because he feels like it. He sends us where we need to go, the right places at the right time. I have learned for myself that it is true, now that I have the chance to put everything I have learned into play.

 Just this week we found ourselves with many less active families. I met a man named Luis Parrilla, a return missionary who used to be counselor to the bishopric, now a completely detached and inactive member of the church. I met a young woman named Marily and her 15 year old brother Mario who have been less active for the past 2 years and whose mother no longer wants anything to do with us. There is another young girl named Margery who, after many years of doing some not so nice things, is coming to church with us in the hope of getting things straightened out. My companion and I led the zone this week in lessons with less actives and like I said, I do not believe the Lord sent us to these people just because it was convenient. Many of the people I mentioned attended church with us last Sunday. Families are slowly but surely coming together. Its rewarding, very rewarding.

 I myself have been struggling much this week to keep my head in the game so to speak, but every time I find myself bearing testimony to a less active family or a soul who has gone astray, I feel invigorated, courageous even.

 My companion and I are looking forward to a baptism this coming 6th of August. It will be a tough stretch but we will do  our best.


Elder Cruz


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