July 18, 2016

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So whatever it is that got me sick last week seems to have finally taken a step down. Unfortunately it left behind this awful cough but I think the storm has passed.

 I pulled off my first zone meeting this last Saturday and in truth it is a very gratifying experience to be able to teach and direct a group of missionaries. Our zone is relatively small, only composed of 2 districts. For me it kind of feels like we are all just a little family which makes my job much more edifying.

 Elder Troncos and I have been blessed this last week in many small and mysterious ways. We came to the realization that many families in our ward had young children who, despite their families being less active in the church, had desires to be baptized. We got in contact with our stake President and he took us around and gave us several references of families we can visit. We found 2 young girls, Maria Victoria, and Ariana who have eagerly expressed to us their desire to be members of the church. Their parents, upon hearing this, seem to have experienced perhaps a little change of heart and have been very receptive of our presence in their home.

 Ariana for example has an older brother named Danilo who is 18 years old and has been less active for 2 years. She wanted him to baptize her, and so when we brought up the idea with him, we noticed that the news kind of hit him, made him feel responsible for his priesthood perhaps for the first time in a long time. We swung by his house early Sunday morning, threw him a white shirt and wouldn’t you know it, he came to church with us for the first time in 2 years. Now he and his little sister are working together toward the date in which Danilo can become fully reactivated in the church, and Ariana can be baptized.

 I always loved the story of the Savior when he came to the Nephites in chapter 17 of 3rd Nephi. I think I know why now he chose specifically to bless and be with the little ones. Children, as much as they are young, do feel and recognize the spirit, and they bring it with them into their homes. I have seen the spirit work through many, but not quite as subtly or as brilliantly as it does through little ones (hahaha I hope this helps you in your calling in the Primary, Mom).

 The heat still hasn’t taken a break, but then again neither do we. I am still getting used to a new area, but so far its been pretty nice. Plus there are real cheeseburgers in Piura so that’s a plus.

 Elder Cruz


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