July 4, 2016

So to start this one out I have got to tell you guys about the crazy neck pain that seems to have come upon me out of nowhere. I don’t know if its stress or if my mattress has magically turned into bricks but I wake up every morning with this terrible pain in my neck and upper back and I am not lying when I say I haven’t been able to turn my neck for like 3 days now. Interestingly enough I was reading in 3 Nephi 17 recently where The Savior heals the Nephite’s and invites all who are afflicted to come unto Him. What I wouldn’t give for a little bit of that right about now haha.


Other than that, things are improving here in Talara. Kiara still hasn’t been able to get permission to be baptized but Elder O Brien and I haven’t given up yet. We have taught her how to fast and this last Sunday she did a special fast to soften the hearts of her parents and hopefully obtain their approval. We have set a goal in faith (A LOT OF FAITH) that the fast will work and we will have her baptism on the last Saturday of this transfer.

 Speaking of baptisms, we baptized a lady named Eda this past Thursday. If you remember me telling you guys, I baptized a man named Joel last transfer who had been taught by the sister missionaries in my district. His Mother, Eda, had also been taking the lessons. Interestingly enough, Joel and his mother moved houses into our area in Negreiros and we had the privilege of finishing up the lessons with Eda and helping her arrive at her baptism. It was fun having Joel around in the lessons to testify to his mother of the reality of this gospel. She made the goal to get baptized on Thursday and we had a great baptism for her. The Sisters as well as us were thrilled, it was kind of like a baptism for everybody haha.

 Unfortunately my companion and I are quite skinny and Eda is…well bigger than us so she asked another Elder to perform the ordinance haha but that’s okay.

 In other news, our branch is finally catching the wave of our missionary work. They have been actively participating more in branch council meetings and we recently had a district activity and even though they had to drive a half hour to get to the district center, they came! Our mission leader who has been inactive in his calling for about 1 year is finally getting back in the game and we are planning activities and making goals like crazy. So good things are happening in our area, all we got to do now is keep it going.


Elder Cruz


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