June 20, 2016

So Tired! 😦

So the subject for this email as stated here is that I am utterly, ridiculously tired. It doesn’t help that we live on the highest floor of an apartment building so that every time we finish a long day of proselyting the only thing waiting for us are seemingly endless flights of stairs. I even slept in my proselyting clothes the other day haha.

 But the good thing about being a missionary is that being tired usually equals being happy and wouldn’t you know it I am still very, very happy to be here.

 Kiara, the 15 year old girl we have been teaching for about 2 months now finally accepted a new baptismal date for this coming July. She has been so excited about the church these past few weeks, she has even brought and invited her friends to attend church with us. She brings more people to church than we do! We are thrilled for her progress and our hard work looks like its finally paying off.

 My companion and I have been through a lot this week. I have taken on a kind of personal trainer role for him since he feels he has a lot to work on. Being out here on the mission has taught me the value of really loving and uplifting those around you. My companion talked to me the other day about all the struggles and frustrations he has been having and it reminded me that God put me here with him not just so that we could help investigators find salvation, but so that we could help each other. Service has been playing a huge role in our companionship and in our area these past few weeks and I can feel the Lord guiding us in many things.

 Sorry for a short letter this, but as always I love you all and thank you for your support.

 Elder Cruz



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