June 6, 2016

New Transfer, New Companion, New Stuff


Another transfer has come to a close and now we are back into the swing of things here in Talara. My new companion, Elder O Brien is a 6 foot something basketball player from Salt Lake who also happens to be a fan of One Direction and Taylor Swift like I am so needless to say we hit it off pretty well. He is a solid example of silent diligence, I learn a lot from him. He says he needs to learn more Spanish from me so the benefit is mutual in our companionship haha. With my old companion gone, its my turn to take control of the area and although at times we get stuck with quite literally nothing to do, the Lord always comes through for us and not a day has gone by this past week without some kind of miracle of blessing worth talking about.

 This week I learned a lot about following the promptings of the spirit.

 We continue to work with our investigator Kiara. Her parents have been pretty firm with us that she wont be baptized until she “learns more” but we already know what that means. As we talk with Kiara it is so clear that she has felt the spirit and is willing to make the step, we just haven’t found a way to convince her parents or find opportunities to teach them as well. Last week, as we were heading home to finish the day, I felt the impression to go talk to one of the members who lives near Kiara. She told me that just recently Kiara had come back from the hospital after falling very ill. The three of us went straight to her house and it was apparent that she wasn’t having the best day. Kiara has seen us give a blessing of health before and asked us if we could do one for her. Without hesitation we said yes. The family invited us into their living room and for the first time ever, we had the attention of the whole family. Everything got quiet and I explained to the parents what we were about to do. I told them that if they had faith, their daughter would be okay.

 I gave her simple yet heartfelt blessing and thanked the family for their time. The spirit was strong in the room and I hope and pray that Kiaras parents could feel it too. We came back a few days later and Kiara said she was feeling just fine. I cant tell you how much I have come to appreciate the priesthood I hold as I have served as a missionary. So many times I have been asked to give blessings or simply minister to those who suffer, and the feelings that come over me as I place my hand upon the head of another are to be quite honest indescribable.


Last Sunday I also felt another impression from the spirit. Our appointments had fallen through and I felt the need to go and visit a couple in our branch who we had never visited before. I didn’t even know where they lived but I looked them up in the directory and we found them just as they were getting ready to leave their house. In spite of the fact they were all ready to leave, they invited us in and told us they had time to share a lesson.

 I shared with them a couple of verses from Alma 31, when Alma goes to teach the Zoramites. I told them, “What impacts me about this scripture is that although Alma was a powerful prophet of God, he understood that he never had to work alone. When he left on his mission to the zoramites he also took with him his sons, Amulek, Omner, and others. They were a team, and they never worked alone”. As we finished up the lesson, I saw tears in the eyes of wife whose name is Roxanni. Through tears she told us that these past weeks she had felt so alone and that she felt very little support from her family and those around her. Both of them work as youth and seminary and institute teachers but they never felt that they had ever accomplished much to help those under their care. The message we brought that day was exactly what she needed to hear. Her husband, Carlos, also had a few tears running down his face as well. Roxani told us, ” Thank you Elders for reminding me that I am never truly alone”.

 I don’t know how or why we ended up at their house that day or why I chose the scripture that I did, but God knew why, and thanks to the Spirit I was right where he needed me to be.



Elder Cruz


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