May 16, 2016


We had our multi zone conference with Sullana this past week. I think I mentioned in my last letter that I was supposed to sing a solo for our musical number. Well I did, and well it wasn’t too terrible. Fun news, the Sisters in my district had a baptism last Sunday and the their investigator asked me to baptize him. I was surprised because I had just barely met the man but apparently we hit it off during the baptismal interview I gave him. He was a little bit…larger than I was (well lets be honest everyone’s bigger than I am) so baptizing him was kind of a struggle but it turned out alright.

 This past week Elder Villalba and I have been going crazy on teaching the members and investigators the importance of keeping the commandments. We came to the conclusion that many of the people in our area needed to learn an important lesson. So we came up with a teaching plan to teach why its important to live the gospel and heed the commandments. There’s a story in the Old Testament that we like to share about Moses and his people in the wilderness. Many began to complain and so as a punishment, God sends flying flaming serpents that bite a whole bunch of them and many die. The Lord instructs Moses to make a brass serpent and to raise it up, and any who would look upon it would be healed. The Book of Mormon teaches that in this story, many chose not to look upon the brass serpent, because they did not believe something as simple as looking at an inanimate object would heal them of their wounds.

 We compare this story to our own willingness to obey the commandments. In reality, the commandments are simple, easy to understand, and will surely bless us if we just have faith to believe on them. But like the people of Moses, they chose not to heed the Lords counsel simply because they did not believe something so simple could bring about something so miraculous. I have been pondering this story a lot as of late, and its something that I wanted to share with you guys back home. Kind of opens the eyes up a bit.

 I pray that each and every one of our investigators can take to heart the teachings we leave with them. Cant lie, sometimes its frustrating to see them so unwilling to progress sometimes, but there are many who humble themselves just enough to see the blessings of the gospel in their lives, and that always makes it all worthwhile.


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