May 9, 2016



Hello once again family, it seems like the last time I talked with you was only yesterday. Well not much has changed since the mothers day call I made just yesterday but as always missionary work always brings with it many surprises.

 So I am writing to you all currently from a little place called Sullana, another zone in our mission. Sullana is famous for being one of the hottest places in our mission and well, the missionaries who have been here weren’t lying. I am currently melting as I write this letter.

 Elder Villalba and I have been focusing much on lifting the spirits of the members of our little branch this past week. Truth is, the church here in Negreiros as well as much of the church in Piura suffers a lot from lack of experience or adequate leadership. Many of the members don’t know how to fulfill their callings or are unwilling to apply the gospel in their personal lives. It creates a difficult but interesting challenge for us as missionaries, in the sense that we focus more on improving lives, rather than just teaching doctrine, and that is the reason my mission experience has been so rich and rewarding up to this point.

 Recently we were talking with the sister who washes our clothes. It was a casual conversation but very quickly I saw in her eyes that something wasn’t quite right. We began talking about her family and it turns out that no one in their family was reading the scriptures or doing family prayer. Elder Villalba and I began to take note that many of the families in our branch don’t do these small and simple things, and that’s when we realized we had a big job ahead of us, and that is strengthen the members and invite them as well to come unto Christ.

 Given all that, it was a wonderful experience getting to see you guys, my family, on mothers day. Cant believe it took me 1 year and a half in a foreign country to realize how much the Lord has taken care of me by giving me a family such as you all, but I know now that he has indeed been aware of us and has guided us all these many years. Thank you all for what you do for me and for all the love and support.

 Elder Cruz



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