May 2, 2016


Another week down, a whole lot of things to write about. So our power situation finally got sorted out. One morning after being without power, my companion finally had about enough so in a fit of anger and rage he walked over to the breaker box and started beating the heck out of it. After throwing one crazy punch into the thing, the lights in the other room flicked on and wouldn’t you know it, the power came back. Turns out all we had to do was punch the dang thing.

 I have seen very recently that the Lord has been placing in our pathway small, simple but incredible miracles these past weeks. We are in charge of 4 little towns on the outskirts of the main city of Talara. Our area is called Negreiros, which takes its name from one of the bigger of these towns where we proselyte. One night we were out knocking on doors and getting turned down left and right. The people wanted nothing to do with us. Those that did talk to us only wanted to get into gospel debates. As we walked from door to door, a black car rolls up next to us, rolls down the window and asks us if we were the Elders in the area. We responded yes and he introduced himself and his wife to us. The man told us his name was Junior and his wife Jackeline. Turns out that he was one of our branch presidents four sons and he was himself a return missionary many years back. He told us he wanted to meet with us and before we knew it we hopped into his car.

 Turns out this brother, although having served a mission himself, had become less active for more than a couple of years. He had fallen away from the church through a number of things. His wife is a non member but had received the missionaries many times in the past. They expressed to us that when they saw us on the street, they had the feeling that they just had to talk to us. Talking a little more with them, we discovered that the wife had recently suffered a miscarriage while she was 5 months pregnant. She was devastated. They looked at us that night with such sincere eyes and asked us if we could help them get over their loss. And with all our hearts we told them of course.

It was one of the best lessons we have had in a while. We began to speak of eternal families, the plan of salvation, and the work of the temples. I remember looking Junior in the eyes and asking him if an eternal family is something he still hoped for, despite his falling away from the church. I remember the look in his eyes as he began to cry and told us that it was always his dream to make it to the temple with his wife and family. I could see in them such a heartfelt desire to come once again unto the Lord, and let me tell you it was hard not to choke up in that lesson.

 They came to church last Sunday and we have a visit with them today. I cant help but wonder if that night when we went to go knock on doors, if someone had actually let us in to share a lesson, we would have missed the chance to get to know this wonderful couple. I realized that the Lord did not bless us with immediate success that day because there was something else he needed us to do, and that was find Junior and his family and lead them once again back to the Church.


Elder Cruz



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