April 25, 2016


I put the subject line as such because this week has been absolutely insane. I don’t think I have ever had a week so full of random crazy stuff that I don’t even know where to begin. My companion, Elder Villalba seems to have this other worldly power because every time he says “¿Que mas nos puede pasar?” which translates to “What else can happen to us?” something weird always happens. Point and case, this past week.

 So the story begins with last Monday when I officially got transferred to Talara and for some reason President decides to put me with one of my old companions. I get to the room to find that the electricity is out. Apparently someone didn’t pay the bill. Well the bill got paid but the power never came back. Long story short, we have been electricity free for a whole week now and it doesn’t look like its coming back. We also ran out of water, we lost the keys to the room, the owner of the apartment apparently sold our room to someone else so now we are getting evicted on the 30th. Oh yeah I forgot the pensionista. So every companionship always has a sister in the ward who cooks them lunch everyday. But ours happened to travel to Lima right when I got transferred to Talara. So we now we have no one. No big deal we will just cook in our room right? Nope, no power. We cant even refrigerate anything. The fans don’t work so the heat is eating us alive. Basically our life is in shambles. But its okay, because we are missionaries! Everything always works out.

 There were also some awesome things that happened this week. We baptized a man named Enrique Manuel Olguin Cardenas. I got here just in time to wrap up the last of the lessons and we had his baptism last Saturday. His son, who is actually about to go on a mission, came in from Lima to baptize his father. Even better, our mission president showed up in Talara for a meeting and decided to postpone his meeting for a bit to attend our baptismal service. So that was cool for us and our convert. The funny part about this baptism is that when we were cleaning the font, we realized that we didn’t have the keys to open up the drain to the baptismal font to wash away all the dirt water that had accumulated during the cleaning. We had only one hour left before the baptism started and the font was a third of the way full with dirty water. Well we couldn’t sit around and wait for a miracle so my companion grabbed a bucket and bucket by bucket we threw out the water. Fun stuff.

 The work in our area is actually moving along fantastic. We found a wonderful family who has accepted a baptismal date. When they heard the story of Joseph Smith and Christ in the Americas their eyes lit up and they told “It all makes sense now!” They are wonderful and we have high hopes for them.

 This week has been filled to the brim with some crazy stuff but I couldn’t ask for anything better.


Elder Cruz


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