April 11, 2016

Another relatively smooth and quiet week for us here in Paita. Fun little fact, Peru is actually in the middle of its presidential elections and as such, some of the people around here get kind of…well crazy. Sometimes when there are political differences between groups of people, things get kind of out of control (and by out of control I mean violent). That being the case, last saturday and sunday were the voting days and we the missionaries were pretty much left on house lockdown. On Saturday we only had permission to visit members or investigators whom we know very well. We werent allowed to go tract, contact in the street or hand out cards or anything for fear that someone might take it the wrong way. On Sunday there were no church meetings and we were told by President to not leave our room. So we stayed in all day hahaha. Good news is I got like 200 pages into Jesus the Christ. Bad news is that we didnt proselyte almost at all last weekend.

 We found a family recently that have all accepted baptismal dates, their names are Juan, Adriana, and Molly. The father seems very enthusiastic about the gospel, the mother is only willing to budge if she gets a “for sure” answer from God. Thinking on this family, I recently reviewed the story of Christ when he appeared to the Apostles after his resurrection. There was one that upon hearing the news, could not believe until he physically felt and saw the scars in his Lords hands. It makes me pause and wonder how much faith plays a role in what we do as missionaries, and indeed everything we do day to day. I have taught and seen so many who say that they will follow this path if and only if they recieve their answer 100%.

 I have come to realize that God many times does not work that way. When I find myself looking for answers, usually he gives me the first 90%, and He only asks that my faith make up the rest. As I taught Adriana last week, I could see in her the desire to believe, she just needed the faith to do so. More than anything, I have come to see that before we ask people to be baptized, or read, or even to pray, what we are really asking, in essence, is that they have faith. We have an appointment with this family today, lets hope all goes well.


Elder Cruz



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