March 21, 2016

A fairly quiet week and easy going week, a nice contrast to what we have been experiencing recently. Trials and tests continue to come our way but we find ways to get over and around them.

 As I think back on the efforts of last week, I come to realize an interesting change in my companionship. For the past 6 or 7 weeks I have been the one leading the work in our area. My companion had been a little less than helpful and most of the time I had to work extra hard to maintain both my enthusiasm and his. Now many weeks later, I find that my companion is doing the same for me. Yesterday I was about to ready to throw in the towel early. I was just tired and exhausted from a rough day. But wouldnt you know it, the very companion whom I had to carry around for so long took it upon himself to lift me up and motivate me to keep going. Door after door we went around knocking and not once did my companion waver, in spite of the fact we were rejected almost at every corner. A very humbling experience, but one I definitley appreciate.

 We are working with many new faces now and we have hopes that our investigators and less actives might continue to progress. There is a lady named Flor and her daughter Juvitza who are coming to church now after years of being inactive. Flor is a single mother with 6 kids, including a 4 month old baby so getting up and getting to church at 8 in the morning is not easy, but she has been working hard to keep the commandments. A young boy named Aaron who comes from a part member family is taking the lessons now so he can get baptized just like his mom and older sister despite the lack of support from his father. A young mother whom we found through a reference has now accepted to be baptized and hopes her husband will do the same. Little by little the miracles begin to flow and I cannot honestly say when or how we will arrive at our final destination, but I have come to realize that we need only focus on the little things, and soon enough the larger things will fall into place.


Elder Cruz



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