March 14, 2016


In terms of numbers, this week hasn’t been much more successful than our past endeavors. I did however, manage to find and treasure a multitude of the Lords tender mercies.

 I remember last week I was going through a very rough time. Progress was slow, my relationship with my companion very stressful, we just had transfers and we were all trying to get adjusted. I was led to read a general conference talk where I discovered a new favorite scripture of mine in the Doctrine and Covenants. The words of the prophet Joseph Smith that he left in this scripture are the following:

 “Brethren, shall we not go on in so great a cause? Go forward, and not backward. Courage brethren; and on, on to the victory!”

 I was so impacted by the words of this scripture that I wrote them on the front page of my missionary planner. Later on during the week we were teaching a member family that had been wanting to go the temple to be sealed for some months now. During the lesson, this very scripture would not leave my mind, and I felt prompted to share it with them. The husband, named Alberto, after hearing the scripture, looked down at the floor then back up at us and said, “Gracias, Elderes. Muchas Gracias.”

 We came back to teach the very same family about a week and a half later, and to our great surprise, we find out that when we knocked on their door, they had just gotten back just hours before from the Peru Trujillo temple, having been sealed for time and all eternity as a family and completing the temple work for their dead grandparents. As we sat down to talk to them and congratulate them for their amazing trip to the temple, the husband once again looked us in the eyes and, almost through tears, told us that the scripture which I had shared just about a week before was the answer he needed in order to go to the temple. What we didnt know at that time, is that he and his wife were both considering putting of their temple plans. So many things were going on and they almost decided not to go. But he told us, that when we shared that scripture he felt the spirit telling him to “go forward, and not backward”. And thus they did everything possible to make it to the temple, and they were sealed. The husband looked at us and told us that he was sure the Lord was speaking to him through us that night, and because of that scripture he found strength to make it to the temple.

I have yet to experience anything as spiritually compelling than what I felt that night when Alberto and his wife thanked us for helping them get to the temple and be sealed to their family. I realized that the Lord had blessed me with a very intricate, perfectly planned tender mercy. I had been praying for success for many nights, and I believe this family was what the Lord gave to me as an answer to my prayers.


Elder Cruz



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