February 29, 2016

The past few days have been especially challenging and overwhelming. The more I learn about my own personal faults and weaknesses, the more I am drawn to the Lord and many times this past week I have come to Him for help. The hardest struggle of all has been trying to figure out how to become the type of Leader that the Lord desires of me.

In terms of the work and the progress of our areas as a district, this past week was a real uphill battle. All of us, without exception, had very little success and our leaders didn’t waste much time kicking us back into shape. Some of the hardest lessons I have learned from the mission have been learned in just these past few weeks, and the truth of the matter is, I have been getting down on myself a lot lately.

Good new is, the members here in our branch never fail to bring a smile to our faces. Many of them have stepped it up and given us references, offered us food, accompanied us on lessons and have overall shown tremendous support. Even though most of them time this last week was spent getting rejected or dealing with appointments falling through, the support of the church members here has not yet faltered and that in itself has been a miracle.

I remember this past week, I was having a conversation with an Elder from my district and I expressed to him all the frustration that had been building up this past week. I remember him telling me the story of Alma and Amulek to help get my spirits up. He reminded me that Alma and Amulek were rejected, thrown in prison, and almost killed before they were able to find success. The gospel, as shown by these two prophets, has always been preached with suffering and difficulty. I suppose my experience should not be any different.

I sat down and thought about that story for a long time, and I suppose it dawned on me that immediate blessings aren’t the ones that God has in store for me right now. He has required that I wait and be patient, and I know for sure he will come through for me when it really counts.

All in all the week was rough, but then again, I would not have wished for anything different.


Elder Cruz


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