February 22,2016

Hello Families and Friends,

Morropon falls1

I didn’t think it was possible but word on the street here in my area is that its getting even hotter than before. We are now approaching the 40s in Celsius which I have no idea what that is in Fahrenheit but judging from the sweat currently dripping down my face, I am going to assume it is a lot.

 Me and my companion are currently going to be facing some new changes in our area. The mission has decided to move around a couple of boundaries and companionships in our zone and many of the families we are teaching right now will be handed off to some other Elders in our district. That leaves me and Elder Murphy with a smaller area but with less people to teach, so looks like we are going on a little door knocking spree this next week.

 We are working with two less active families and the progress they are showing is actually something quite incredible. I remember one night my companion and I were dead tired, and we were about ready to throw in the towel early. But for some reason or another we decided to stick it out for one more appointment. We felt prompted to go visit one of these less active families and miraculously enough, we found the husband of one of these families. His name is Juan Avila, and with his work schedule we have almost never seen him in person. We managed to sit down with him and get to know his situation a little better, and it was crazy to see how much he and his family were really going through. Interestingly enough, he said that he was just about to head out that night, but right as he was going to get ready to leave, we showed up at his door, and he felt for some reason that he needed to talk to us.

 Thinking back on it, it was a fantastic lesson, one that we would have lost, had me and my companion gone home and given up like we were intending to do that night. It was a lovely little reminder to me that God always blesses his faithful, and that His blessings usually require more than what we feel we can give. That night I had given 99% but God inspired me to push for 100%. The next Sunday Juan Avila came to church for the first time in awhile. He was with us all 3 hours, and it looks like he will be back next week.

 Elder Cruz 


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