February 1, 2016

With January gone, my mission is on the downhill ride from here on out. 11 more months to go, and truth be told there is still so much I wish I could improve, get done, and accomplish in the short time I have left to serve the Lord.

At the beginning of this transfer, I was recently called as District Leader and I got a call from another Elder late one night. His name was Elder Riquelme, a missionary from Chile who I have run into every now and again in the past year. He and his companion Elder Antonio, are both just weeks away from finishing their missions, and so President sent them on a special assignment to come visit me and my companion specifically, and do divisions with us for two days. I couldnt imagine why President would choose us out of 200 or so other missionaries but I made the preparations necessary and for 2 days they were with us in our area, watching how we work, revising our planning routine, seeing how we interact, it was a little scary to be honest haha.

At the end of the 2 days they sat us down and we just talked. About the mission, about or study habits, our experiences, everything. Very quickly I realized that I still had much to learn. Elder Riquelme and Elder Antonio, 2 missionaries with 2 years of experience, really humbled me down and taught me the things I was still failing in. It was the biggest wake up call I have had in a long time. I realized that the Lord still had many things he wanted me to learn, and so through my mission president, he sent 2 experienced Elders to help me get back on track. I thought I knew enough, already having 1 year of experience, but I quickly came to the conclusion that there is much more my Heavenly Father had been expecting of me, and now I have made some new goals to finish these last 11 months strong.

My new companion and I have been dedicating much time to finding new investigators. We found a new family of 5 the other week and the parents of a young teenage girl we have been teaching who never wanted to listen before have suddenly shown up in our lessons and now we are teaching them as a whole family. A family of less actives that havent been to church in years out of nowhere have accepted us into their home and through and want to come back to church. We had a family home evening with them just last Saturday and we shared the parable of the sower. The mother began to cry as she looked at us and told us how she knew she needed to come back and how much she has felt empty as the church had not been part of her life. Small yet miraculous things have been happening in our area as of late and still I wonder where the Lord wants me to take all of this. Nonetheless I find that in the right moments, he always lets me know what to do and for that I am very grateful. Dont know if any baptisms will be happening soon, but I am sure more miracles are heading our way.

Elder Cruz


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