January 25, 2016


Hello Families and Friends,


Time has once again gone by far too quickly and another transfer has wrapped up in my area of Las Begonias. When we got the transfer Saturday night, we were all waiting anxiously to hear where our District Leader would be heading off to. He has been in the same area for 9 whole months of his mission so we were all sure he would be transferred out. What we weren’t expecting was that my companion, Elder Elizalde, would also be taking leave of Las Begonias and heading to another area. I personally couldn’t believe it, we had only been together one transfer and in the short period of time, he has taught me many things.


Sunday night we had our final goodbyes and there were a lot of tears shed for those who were leaving. We, as well as all the members know, that missionaries are simply instruments in the Lords hands, and we go where he commands us to go without falter, without question. Nonetheless, it is always, always hard to see your friends go and the love and support Elder Elizalde and I have received from our little branch in Las Begonias has been incredible and unmatched in any other area I have been in. I love these people and it is clear that they too love us and the work we are trying so hard to accomplish.


As I said goodbye to my companion, I shared a scripture that is found in the 43rd chapter of Alma. Towards the end of the chapter, it talks about the nephites and the lamanites in a huge battle. The lamanites had fought with strength and ferocity like they never had before, and many nephites died in that battle. But captain Moroni, seeing the morale and the spirit of his people waver, went before them and as the scriptures say, “inspired their hearts” with thoughts of their God, their families, and the cause for which they were fighting. With Captain Moroni leading them on, the nephites were victorious that day.

 I told my companion that for me, he had been a Captain Moroni in these past 6 weeks. I must honestly confess that I have not been the best missionary I could have been as of late, there is much I lack and there is much I need to improve. More than anything, there are some things I have forgotten that I need to work on. But being with Elder Elizalde brought me back to believe in myself and he showed me through his own example what it means to be a valiant missionary. Just as Moroni inspired his people to victory against the lamanites, he inspired me.

 Now here I am as the new District Leader in Las Begonias. Now there are 5 other missionaries under my leadership and I have no idea what I am exactly supposed to do but oh well, I will figure something out. My new companion is from the US, his name is Elder Murphy, a relatively new missionary who doesn’t have too much time in the mission. Still don’t know who he is, he will be coming in a few hours so guess we will wait till next week to see how this transfer goes down. The work continues forward and many promising things are coming our way here in Las Begonias. I am happy and content with where we are, and I know we can go even farther to bring about this great work.


Elder Cruz


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