December 21, 2015

As the subject line says, we only have 4 days until Christmas and things are getting busy around here in Paita.DSCN9726[1]

 This past week was a logistical nightmare for us missionaries but the Christmas spirit is going strong and we had the wonderful opportunity to spread some Christmas music around. We had a HUGE District wide activity for all the branches in our area (they even invited the mayor of Paita to attend) that was themed around the Biblical announcement of Jesus birth. We played a ridiculous amount of Christmas hymns, of which I was a participant of 6. I really had to put my violin to some good use this week. Myself, another 2 other missionaries, and a member from the branch formed a little music group where we played “O Come all ye faithful”, “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, “The First Noel”, “It Came Upon the Midnight Clear”, “Silent Night” and even the classic “Canon in D” because why not? Seriously I have never had to prepare so many songs is so little time. Me and my district also did a 4 part a Capella of “Away in a Manger” which sounded fantastic. Needless to say, it was a very Christmas-y activity.

 In terms of the work, we have 4 investigators with baptismal dates lined up for the month of January and I have faith that we will be able to get them ready for their dates. We just need to work harder and hope for some more Christmas miracles. The branch members have been an incredible blessing this past month. Many of them are taking time to cook us food, accompany us in the lessons and offer us little services here and there. The Christmas spirit is really getting to them.

 As for me, it still doesn’t feel quite like Christmas yet. The sun is still out and hot as ever (we even went to the beach this last P Day go figure), there are no evergreen trees (or anything that green for that matter), no hot chocolate, and most importantly, no family. But God has been good to me, and what I have found is something infinitely more powerful and inspiring. I feel that as a missionary I finally know my connection to the Savior and what his birth really means to me. I cant help but feel something as I read the account of his birth and contemplate on the shining star in the sky, the prophecies of Samuel the Lamanite, and story of the manger, and scripture which states that for with “God, nothing shall be impossible”. It also seems impossible that a man so important could be so humble as to pay the price for my shortcomings, but he did, and this Christmas, through his love, I found new peace, new friends, and a new family to spend the holidays with.


I love you all, may this Christmas bring you closer together, and closer to Him. Feliz Navidad a todos, yo les amo a cada uno de ustedes. Gracias por su gran amor hacia mi, y en este epoca navideña, recordemos todos nosotros el amor del Salvador en nuestras vidas.


Con mucho amor,

Elder Cruz


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