December 14,2015

After saying goodbye to my last companion and a few other friends, the last transfer has officialy come to a close and now here we are with a brand new 6 weeks to spread the gospel better than we have before. My new companion is an Elder from Argentina by the name of Elder Elizalde. I am still here in Paita, enjoying the ocean breeze and slowly but surely getting even more tan from the never ending Peruvian sun (which never takes a holiday, even around Christmas time).


Ended this past transfer on a kind of a lower note. Many of our investigators had baptismal dates fall through and we have found ourselves without less actives members who accept our visits. The work here in Piura is about finding and baptizing but also reactivation and going after the 1 who has wandered away from the flock. But more often than not, that 1 little sheep doesnt like its sheperd.


Not all is so bad. Its Christmas after all, and its a time where the members and missionaries really bond together and feel the love of the Savior even more clearly and powerfully. We recently had a branch activity with a live manger and anything. Lights, hot chocolate, everything. I pulled off a fairly good “O Holy Night” on the violin with my friends on guitar and vocals. Also got to play píano for “Silent Night”, The branch was pretty into it. We managed to get some of our investigators to the activity too. There is the one man we are teaching named Michael. Incredibly humble and very open to the gospel, just needs a little of a push to get him to church. He is very scared of leaving behind his catholic traditions. His wife is also a spectacular investigator. When we first met her a month ago, she came to church three sundays in a row. I feel strongly that they will be able to be baptized by the end of the transfer. We sure hope so.


If you havent already, go look up our mission website and check out our Christmas videos. Of course I am in them. Just wanna extend my best Christmas wishes to the family and friends back home. Being so far away is a little hard sometimes, but I feel that without a doubt that this Christmas, this is where I need to be. I have found a new family here in Piura to share the Christmas spirit with, and they are amazing, but they can never replace all of you. Hope this holiday season brings us closer together, and closer to our savior.




Elder Cruz



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