November 23, 2015


This past week was fairly average to say the least. Last Sunday we did not have as much success with investigators coming to Church. For one thing or another, things just seemed to get in the way and many could not make it, despite their best efforts. Many of our potential baptismal dates fell through because of this, and now we are down to 5 investigators who can still potentially be baptized on their assigned date, as opposed to the 11 we had a few weeks ago. No worries though, something tells my companion and I that by this 12th of December, at least one person will be able to make it to the font. There are many good hearted people here in Paita, many of which come from and live in very (and I mean very) humble circumstances. It kind of blows my mind when I ponder on my own blessings and how good my life has been.

 We are currently working with many families, most of which need to be married first before they can be baptized. I don’t know what’s harder sometimes, baptizing a family or marrying them. Throughout the course of my mission, my objective seems to have been “marry, then baptize”. But because of these experiences, my own testimony of the power and sanctity of the family has grown immensely. Mom or Dad, if you’re reading this, thank you for being such good parents. Seriously.

 Last Sunday I gave a talk. My branch president said it was a free topic and I could choose whatever I wanted. I knelt down that Saturday night and asked for inspiration and instantly my mind turned to the Atonement. I managed to whip up what was arguably the most powerful talk I have delivered in my life regarding the perfect example of Jesus Christ and how his Atonement is our one inspiring motivation to work to hasten the work of salvation as members of the Church. 

 In the Bible we read that when Jesus carried out the Atonement, he took several of his apostles with him, and the only thing he asked of them before going to pray, was that they stay awake and watch with him. But when he returned, he found them sleeping. And then, looking at Peter, he asked a very penetrating question. “Sleepest thou? Couldst thou not watch but one hour?” I was able to relate this little story to our duty as members to work diligently in the Church. And that many times we fail in our labors and like the apostles, we “fall asleep”. It brought me to much reflection and pondering, and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to speak that Sunday.

 That’s all for me this week. Hope you all take care and HAPPY THANKSGIVING. SEND ME SOME TURKEY OR SOMETHING PLEASE.

Elder Cruz



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