November 9, 2015

Hello Families and Friends,

Life in Paita is much more spectacular than I could have expected. In this past week we managed to reach 13 lessons with members present and 10 of our investigators came to church. And I have only been here a week! The members here are miraculous and many of them brim with the light of the gospel. The only complaint I could possibly give would be the fact that there are no roads haha. My entire proselyting area is a literal desert with just sand and rocks and dirt to guide the way. I am gonna need a map or a Liahona to get around once my companion leaves.

 Truth be told, as much as it still saddens me to have left behind my little branch in Morropon, I cant help but feel that this new area is the promised blessing my Heavenly Father had in store for me for those long, stressful months I spent in my previous area. Never before had I been so challenged or lost, but here now in Paita I feel as though everything is turning out for the better. I am seeing results, I am happier, life has just become more peaceful. I am now a living result of the promise made in the 58th secion of the Doctrine and Covenants when the Lord delcared: “for after many trials, come the blessings”.

 Paita is a lovely area, located right along the coastline. It is separated into two parts, the high part and the low part (or in Spanish, Paita Alta y Paita Baja). I live in the upper part where its mostly just desert and sand. Down below there is the coastline where all the fisherman gather to bring in the daily haul. The sea breeze blows nicely here and that in itself is a tremendous blessing to help me deal with the Peruvian sun. Everything kind of smells like fish here but thats alright, its actually kind of refreshing.

 I am now going through once more the Book of Mormon after having finished it recently and I would only say that what has been said of this book is true regarding the “hidden treasures” found within its pages. There are new things to encounter every time we search the revelations of this sacred book of scripture, and I will go to my grave with the testimony that this book is true and it is worth every minute of your time to study its message. After all is said and done, I unite myself with the words of the Prophet Joseph when he said that ” a man would get closer to God” by adhereing to the principles found in the Book of Mormon than by any other book.


 Elder Cruz


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