November 2, 2015

So we had transfers this past week and I still cant believe how it all went down. I had felt so sure and so certain that I was going to be staying for another 6 weeks. In all honesty, I have come to love the area so much and I have sincerely worked so hard in this branch that I was sure my Mission President was going to let me stay. But as it always does, life takes unexpected turns and wouldnt you know it, I got transfered. I honestly did not know how to feel about leaving. Just when things were starting to look up for us, I had to check out. Perhaps its a pride thing, or maybe its just the natural result of so much effort, but I desired so badly to make a difference in this area. I did not want to leave it without seeing some degree of growth, without knowing for sure if we had made a difference or not.


Many times I have recieved letters that have encouraged me time and time again to remember that this work is not mine, and that the seeds I plant will many times be harvested by others who will walk in our footsteps. All this time I think God just wanted me to lay some foundations, and perhaps I will never be the one to see the finished result. Humility and patience have flooded me over many times in this area and although I am sad to leave it behind, I have faith that soon, something will change for the better. There are good people and good saints who live in this quiet little town, and I pray for them always.


So as for me, I am now in a place called Las Begonias, in the zone called Paita. All the missionaries here know that Paita means one thing, the beach. We got a very beautiful coastline in this area and I am excited to take some shots of the sights and the view. Its hot here just as it is in all the other areas of the mission, but at least we got a nice sea breeze. As for my old companion, wouldnt you know it he too is going to be training a new missionary, right after completing his own training. I was suprised, excited, and absolutely terrified all at the same time when I got the news. I hope he is ready.


As I take my leave of 2nd area, I cant help but feel thankful for the trials the Lord had put in my way. I have been tempered for sure by the masters fire here in Morropon and I know he has made me stronger. I may not have enjoyed the process, but I can definitley say I enjoy the result. I know of a surety that God puts his people to the test and when it comes down to it, He always knows whats best. Maybe I wasnt meant to see the branch of Morropon ever become a real ward. But thats okay, I go where he needs me.


Elder Cruz


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