October 19, 2015

This week has been full of traveling, bus rides, and many, many meetings. We had a multi zone conference this past Tuesday where I managed to find a violin and put on a little musical number with my missionary friends. It turned out fairly well and I am surprised how much I actually remember about the violin. We have been having various meetings with our stake leaders and branch council in out efforts to improve the branch and we have made many (and I mean many) plans to put into effect. Sometimes the mountain of work that always seems to pile up  on our shoulders gets the better of me, but I always find an un-forseen strength to keep going and put a smile on my face in spite of our problems. It is a spiritual and emotional strength that has come to me time and time again in the mission and I am confident it is the hand of the Lord and his angels guiding us in every aspect of our work.


I still cant say I have seen any angels ministering to me personally, but at least I can say I have felt them, and it has made a world of difference.


As I was studying in the book of Acts this week in preparation for my Sunday School class, I came across a scripture in the 21st chapter of Acts (I believe) where the apostle Paul stated simply and clearly enough that after being warned not to go up to Jerusalem to preach that he would go nonetheless, for his faith was great and he knew it was the will of the Lord. The scripture hit me very hard, and basically, his response was the following: “I am not only willing to suffer in Jerusalem, but to die for the name of my Lord Jesus Christ”.


I shared this scripture with the branch last Sunday and I could feel something the penetrated the heart of each and every one of us. The faces of the members seemed to changed and something was different. I don’t know, but it was definitely something powerful. Many times I have to ask myself if I have the same conviction and testimony as Paul.


I have had my fair share of rejections thus far in the mission, but I strive each and every day to give the same answer here in Morropon that Paul gave when he went up to Jerusalem, that I am willing to give my all for the name of my Lord Jesus Christ, a name I bear each and every day.


I hope this week brings new and exciting things. I pray that we have passed through the worst of the storm and things will begin to look up for us. Stay tuned.


Elder Cruz

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