October 12, 2015

Hello Family and Friends,

This week has been a week of miracles. The hand of the Lord has been very present with us and the work has taken a big step in the right direction. Its almost as though all of our work, stress, sweat and tears have finally paid off.

It did’nt all start out too pretty however. Last week the Zone Leaders showed up at our house without notice and asked to sit down and speak with us. They said they had recieved a request from our Mission President and the Stake President to come directly to our area and have a little “chat”. In other words, they came to set us straight. Our numbers for the month of Septemeber were arguably the lowest in the entire mission and our leaders became very concerned for the well being of our Branch. Basically, the zone leaders showed up to give us a little slap. It was rough, I wont lie. Never have I ever felt so discouraged and disappointed in myself. Of course the numbers arent everything, but I couldnt help but beat myself up a little bit.

So my companion and I knelt down that night and made a promise. That this week we would do everything possible to find new investigators, and help our less actives come to church. Thats when the miracles happened. I am not even lying, there were times this week where we would knock on a door and even before introducing who we were the people were already inviting us into their house. We would knock on like 2 or 3 doors in a row and literally everyone would accept at last a 10 minute lesson. Its like we didnt even have to try. Come Sunday, another miracle. 2 of our less active members who havent been to church for months and have each suffered much spiritual and physical trials put their faith in God and came to church with us. They sang the hymns, paid attention in the classes, smiled, and laughed. It was mind blowing.

The stake also paid us a visit this past week and we have been assigned for the first time in many months a High Priest who will help us reorganize the leadership in the word. As Sunday came to an end and I racked up our numbers, I found that we had ended the week with 10 new investigators. Now THAT is a miracle. Here in Morropon, in the months I have been here, each week has only brought maybe 1 or 2 new investigators at best. But this week, we found 10. How does that even happen? The only answer that I have been able to find is that it was simply a gift from my Heavemly Father. Thats the funny thing about the mission. You can work so hard but it all happens according to the Fathers will. But when he does see it fit to bless you, he blesses you like you wouldnt even imagine.

It was a good week. Thats all I can say.

Elder Cruz


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