October 5, 2015

Things are looking up for us here in Morropon. I thought very hard about our circumstance and about all the possible things I could be doing to improve this area. I found myself literally lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling just trying to come up with ideas and my mind kind of went back to the meeting we had with Elder Bednar about a month ago.

 At one point, Sister Bednar got up to address us and bear her testimony. She left us with one point of crucial advice. Smile, and be happy. It seems so simple but in truth I think that is what I have been lacking as of late. The daily struggles and stress have gotten to me more than they should have and words of Sister Bednar seemed to ring more fervently and intensely than before. This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ we are teaching. The word “Gospel” actually means, “good news”, so why should’nt I be happy as I spread what is literally the greatest news ever to be preached on the earth? I remember Sister Bednar telling us that those who see us in the street and knocking on doors will notice the smiles on our faces and they will instinctively wonder, where do such smiles come from? What makes these Mormons so happy? I am very proud and at the same time very humbled to be one of Gods chosen servants to provide the answer to this question. It is the light of the Gospel that brings about our happiness, and real, lasting happiness, as I have come to find, is only found in the Lords true church.


So this week I have made the resolve to step back, breathe, and let the good times roll. We recently had a branch activity in which I was in charge of organizing. I decided to organize a game night and we went all out with music and I managed to get a hold of a head mic and I acted as MC and everything and it was awesome. I had not seen such smiles and laughter from the branch members in a long time. We have recently shifted our efforts to visiting more of the members and really getting to know them. Talking with them, sharing testimonies and connecting with them. Each of them has offered me something very special, and I cannot help but feel that this area, as difficult and stressful as it has been, is exactly where God wants me to be.

We have a LONG way to go before any baptisms will be happening, but I am okay with that. I reminded of the words I had recently heard from a Mormon Message given by Elder Bednar. He states that many times we mistakenly believe that happiness is the absence of a burden. It is not so. Happiness, is finding reasons to smile, be grateful, and trust in the arm of God even in the face of life most difficult trials. That is the happiness that God has granted me here, and it is a happiness I will always strive to keep with me.


Elder Cruz


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