September 21, 2015

This week is the last week for this cycle so every missionary knows what that means: transfers. As expected, I am still assigned to my current area of Morropon. I think I will be here for at least 6 more weeks and then it will be my turn to leave. As much stress and concern being here has caused me, I cannot help but feel a deep appreciation and love for the members here. Especially in a branch as small as this one, we are all family and being here has taught me the value of honest hard work and that no matter how big or small our attendance may be, the Spirit is with is. I have come to realize many great things in these past two transfers that I have been here and perhaps these are the blessings my Heavenly Father intended for me. My last area we had lots of great baptisms, but here, in spite of the lack of baptisms, I still feel as close if not closer to my father in heaven just as I would if I were standing in a baptismal font.

  So this week the new sister missionaries have finally begun to take up residence. The branch is super excited to have them. We know that one of them will be a brand new missionary so we have yet to meet her but whoever she may be I know that she will be a great help to our little branch. As for me and my adventures, not much new has happened. We are seeing progress with some of our new investigators but much of our efforts are focused on trackting and contacting people in the street. Recently my companion and I took on a challenge to contact 50 people in 2 hours or less. We got to about 25 before we had to head home. But next week we will definitely get it.

 I was reading in Mormon this week and the testimony of Moroni stuck out to me for some reason. He states that God has, and always will be, a God of miracles. No matter what man may say or think, our Father is the same today, tomorrow, and forever and his miracles do not cease. It made me think back on all the little miracle’s and blessings that I have received up to this point and I personally can and forever bear witness that God is indeed a God of miracles. I have seen his hand in every aspect of my work as a missionary and I cannot help but feel that he guides my path every minute of every day. I hope I never forget this important lesson, that if we are worthy, God will bring us miracles. Of that, I have no doubt.


Elder Cruz

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