August 24, 2015

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Dear Family and Friends,

 Things seem to have taken a turn for the better here in our area. As I mentioned in my last email, we have been given a deadline to improve the church in this area or our little branch will be dissolved. As you can imagine, reactions were varied but all in all the majority feeling is that we are all very worried. This past sunday, the Branch President and us called for a general meeting of the entire branch during the 3rd hour of our Sunday classes and we gathered together to discuss what is to be done.

It was a heavy discussion to be honest. Never have I seen such powerful testimonies and concern for the Lords work. We have talked with our zone leaders about the issue at hand and this coming Wednesday, every companionship in our zone is coming to this area to proselyte for one whole day. Some of them are traveling 2 hours just to get here and help us out. Thankfully the members are also stepping up too and for one day there will be a big missionary effort sweeping over Morropon in the hopes of saving our branch. You can imagine our excitement.

 My new companion is also an incredible blessing. He has got more energy and motivation than the energizer bunny and he’s basically bouncing off the walls with his love for this work. He still gets nervous whenever we knock on doors or go street contacting but his desire and devotion keep us going and this week we have had many successes. Still, the work is incredibly challenging, but the Lord is guiding us every step of the way and I know we are close to a break through. I am incredibly humbled still to have been given the opportunity to train a new missionary and so far the experience has been one of patience building, trials, and happiness. Its some crazy stuff, trust me.

 Fun news, this Friday an Apostle is coming to visit our mission. Elder Bednar is coming right here to Piura to give us a push in the right direction. I don’t know if you know, but Elder Bednar is kind of famous among missionaries for his way of reprimanding and correcting the missionaries. We call it “burning”. We are all very excited and also very terrified that he is going to “burn” us. But we will see how it goes!

 That’s about all for this week. I hope the Lord will continue to bless you in your personal lives and give you success in the areas you need it most. Thanks for everything.


Elder Cruz


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