August 3, 2015

Dear Friends and Family,

 It was a rather slow week, but that is not to say that it was not a succesful one. I have been contemplating the status of my mission area day after day and looking every which way to find the little things that are keeping us from finding new people to teach. In have talked with many other missionaries about Morropon and almost all of them has said that its a really hard area. Some part of me wants to believe them and just let that be the end of it. But then again, the other, much wiser part of me, tells me to put my faith more fully in the Lord and step up my game.

 This past week we spent more time contacting than actually teaching the lessons. The people here are very kind (well, most of them) but the problem is, they are already rooted heavily in their religous beliefs and while they accept us at the door, they are unwilling to change or act further on our message. Its tough.

 We have been working very closely with a family of recent converts as welll. They are passing through…well a mountain of family issues and as missionaries we pass by almost daily to help them continue to read the scriptures and keep praying. Let me tell you, the key to happiness in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is a prayer in the morning and night, and a moment to read the scriptures. There is literally no better combination and that is what I want everyone I teach to know. My testimony of the power of prayer and the divinity of the scriptures grows each day and I am eternally grateful for the light and knowledge that God has blessed me with as I humbly come to him in prayer and search his word for answers.

On a less spiritual note, it is still hotter than ever here in Peru, one day we almost crashed into a herd of cows on the road, ants invaded our chapel last sunday, and I I got to eat cow stomach the other day. The fun never ends.

 If there is anything I wish to say to you guys besides thank you, its that I want you to know that I would not be here to do were it not for your examples. I have looked back and pondered much on the teachings that I recieved as a child in the Church and only now have I realized the miracles they have wrought in my life. Being a member of this Church truly makes me happy. I hope to always stand firm in this faith.

 Thats about it for now. I will you all next week.


 Elder Cruz


One thought on “August 3, 2015

  1. I really love reading your messages, we are grateful and honored to be your Aunt.The Lord have to put you in a place where you will be more tested, because He will have plans for you to handle in the future. I love you so much Justin.

    Tita Gemma


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