July 27, 2015

Morropon falls1 Dear Family and Friends,   Another week down. July is wrapping up here pretty soon and I still cant bring myself to believe that soon it will be August. I know I have said it over and over again but time is flying by much faster than I would like.   Life here in Morropon, well in one word it has been peaceful. Every day presents to opputrtunites to find and teach and I hope with all the power I can muster that we can soon turn our new investigators into new converts of the Church. As I have mentioned before, the work here moves a little slower than it did in my other area. The branch is very small, this past sunday we only had an attendance of 19. Our branch president does what he can, as do we, and let me tell you it just breaks your heart when youre standing at the door waiting for the people to come to church and they just…dont.   Nonetheless, I cannot say that God has not been good to me. Despite all that has happened, his hand is still ever present here in my mission. We recently found a family of 6, a mother, father, their son and 3 adorable little daughters. They have been Catholic most of their life but they were willing and acceptive of our message. We talked much about the nature of God and how the gospel blesses our families and for some reason, my testimony came out a little stronger this time around than normal. I could see in the eyes of both the parents something working within them, and it is in those small and simple moments that I believe the Spirit testifies most powerfully. It is in those small instances of time where I just take a breath and for a brief moment, I feel the piercing of the Spirit and everything just becomes clear. They accepted a return visit, and I left that house happier than I had ever been. That is just one of many wonderful experiences that the Lord has blessed me with up until now. I cannot say that our numbers in our weekly reports are very high, but I can say that our number of blessings are through the roof.   Today we had a little fun for once. We went on a hike to go see some waterfalls nearby. Our Mission President actually accompànied us and his wife, so us and a few other missionaries hit the trail early in the morning and after about an hour we arrived. Its a beautiful sight, and it was one of the moments where you can just appreciate Gods creation. Pretty awesome.   I am so happy to hear my little sister had a good time on trek. I remember personally my trek experience. Now that is something I wont ever forget. I do hope and pray that she as well as all the family can continue to look for and keep in touch with the Spirit through activities such as this.   Thanks mom for all the love and support. Just to make sure you dont worry to much, yes I am still alive, I am drinking water, and my tan lines arent too terrible. But then again, I still got 18 or so months left in the mission, so we will see about those tan lines. Thanks for everything, you are in my prayers always.   Sincerely,   Elder Cruz


One thought on “July 27, 2015

  1. Hola Elder Cruz
    Como estas mi compadre?! Mi primo! Tu mama queria que me escrito esto en espanol…*sigh*. Este verano es el mas caliente en Washington. Todavia estoy quemando en este tipo de clima. He alcanzo mi meta a leer Mockingjay part 2. Es muy interesante. muchas personas que murio. Muchas. Unas de mis personajes murio tambien. *sobs* En nuestra iglesia, muchas personas estan mudando. Asi que despues del verano, solo va a ser 4 personas en Seniors en Primary. Es muy dificil porque es muy dificil para imaginar que soy el unico en mi clase y solo hay 4 ninos en Primary. Pero esta bien. Todavia puedo sobrevivir. Mis padres y tios estan “rushing me”. Asi que hasta luego. Tu siempre estas en mis rezos.

    Tu prima
    Lora Pinpin ;D


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