July 20, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,


Time is passing by much faster than I even have time to realize. We will be wrapping up this transfer cycle in just 2 weeks time and I feel that honestly I have accomplished little in the 4 weeks I have spent in Morropon. Spiritually and emotionally, this past trasnfer cycle has been a bit more difficult for me and I have come to notice that the mission isnt always rainbows and baptisms.


Every one of my companions up till now has taught me that the numbers dont matter. Numbers are just how we keep records. What we do and how we do it is measured most by how much we trust in the Lord and are obedient and humble enough to do his will. I know that to be true, but looking over our weekly call in reports, its hard not to feel like we arent doing our job very good. Many missionaries say that Morropon is a hard area, and I suppose the Lord has placed me here to really stretch my skills and step up my missionary game. The Lords hand is very present here, I can feel it. Perhaps my companion and I just arent looking and searching hard enough to find it and allowing to guide us to those people we need to teach.


The one good thing that has come about this week are the new investigators we have come across. It has been a tremendous blessing. All the new people we have come to know show great interest in the Gospel and even if our numbers may not show it, the Lord has given us incredible oppurtunities to share and spread this great message. Many of the new people we are teaching are families. We also managed to find a youth named Walter and his friend Brian one day and they accepted our message with great enthusiasm. Thats something that we see very rarely out here, teenagers who want to listen to us hahaha. We will be seeing them as well as our new families very soon. I have big hopes for this area, I just need to focus up and really work hard if I want to turn these hopes into realities. I pray hard each and every morning and night that the Lord might show us the way and put into our hearts what we might teach. I hope that next week I will have some more great news for you all.


Say hello to all the friends and family that seem to be visiting you as of late. Wish I could be there and spend the days with you guys but for two years time, these emails are the best I got. Nonetheless, I send you all my love and support and I hope you all know that never once do you leave my prayers. Thanks for everything, talk to you all soon.


Elder Cruz



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