June 29, 2015

Transfers roll around once again and this time its my turn to get kicked off the island (so to speak). My companion, Elder Villalba told me he was sure he had recieved revelation directly from heaven that I would be staying in Catacaos for at least one more transfer but as it turns out, heaven may have been messing with him. I think he just wanted to be my companion for another 6 weeks. I must be pretty cool.

 Anyways, we recieved our transfer assignments last Saturday and my new area is a little town called Morropon, situated in the Peruvian mountains. It is absolutely beautiful here and with the mountains surrounding us, I feel closer to home than I have felt in awhile. Theres not a whole lot of heat here either so I think Heavenly Father is really looking out for me this time around. My new companion is a Peruvian named Elder Sucasaca. I know what youre thinking, that last name definitley sounds Asian but apparently it isnt. Here in Morropon, more than half of the city is pure fields and farms. Rice, mangoes, and all kinds of weird peruvian fruits that I have yet to identify grow in abundance here. But more than anything, the scenery is amazing. The first thing I did once I got here was put on my running shoes and climb the top of the nearest little mountain I could find. The view was pretty incredible.

 Here in Morropon, the membership of the Church isnt exactly too large. And when I say too large, I mean that there are literally no more than 22 baptized and confirmed members in this area. Our chapel is a little two story house just big enough to hold a sacrament meeting and a few rooms for Priesthood and Relief Society. They have no pianist, one deacon to pass the sacrament, no priests or teachers, no mission leader, nada. Theres us, the branch president, and the Hold Ghost. I am excited to see how this experience will differ from my old area, where we had a regular attendance of about 200. Surely this area will be rich with new and uplifting spiritual experiences and stories. Stay tuned.

 Last Sunday was my day to say goodbye to the families of Catacaos and I am not sure if I have done anything more difficult in my whole life than say goodbye to the people I have come to love so much. Many tears were shed for me and the love and support I felt coming from such sweet and humble people really brought me to realize how blessed of a mission I have had. Truly God has put into my path these wonderful souls to show me just how much he loves me and wants me to be happy. Saying goodbye was hard for sure, but saying hello to Morropon has got me very excited.

 I have yet to get an opportunity to take photos of this place but I promise, next week. Until then, I love you all. Take care.


 Elder Cruz 


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