July 6, 2015

Dear Family,

 Writing to you a little jealously because you all went to the East Coast without me. Seriously, Times Square, the Empire State Building, D.C, and if Im not mistaken, the D.C Temple?? Looks like it was a wonderful time. You all have written to me and told me about the crazy heat you encountered during your trip. Believe me when I say, I know how you feel. I hope with all sincerity of heart that the family is doing well and your trip wrapped up happy and nicely. I do wish I could be there with you all, but I know that here is where I belong, with the people of Morropon.

 Speaking of Morropon, I am still taken aback everytime I step out the door and behold the beautiful view that surrounds us. Morropon literally sits in the heart of a wide range of mountains and rolling green hills, painted green with trees and decorated with vast fields and farms. It is gorgeous here. I have heard once before that God isnt just the Great Creator, he is the worlds greatest artist. Being here in Morropon, I truly do believe that. I feel very blessed to be here. The view in itself is its own reward for the work that we have ahead of us here.

 As I mentioned in my last email, the church here is only a little branch with a small number of faithful members that attend regularly. Last sunday was my first experience in a branch rather than a ward. It was…interesting. Never before in my church experience have I been a full time missionary, second counselor to the Branch President, ward clerk, ward secretary, teacher of the Young Men and Young Women, Elders quorum teacher, ward pianist, and janitor all at the same time. Not to mention preparing, blessing and cleaning up the sacrament, taking roll, gathering and counting the tithing and fast offerings and a heap of other duties. It kind of just makes me laugh and at the same time, I feel extremely blessed. The members here, as little as they are, all shine with sincere desires to follow Christ and a burning testimony for this work. They are a people of God, and what a privilege it is to serve them. They have all quickly become good friends and many compliment me on my Spanish, so that’s nice haha.

 We recently had a Zone Meeting this past week and I would just like to share the impressions that the Spirit left with me during the meeting. I testify that obedience really is the first and final law of heaven, and it is through obedience to the ordinances and principles of the Gospel of Christ that we find true and lasting happiness. As we say here in the mission, “Obediencia nos trae bendiciones. Obediencia con exactitud nos trae milagros”.

 “Obedience brings us blessings. Exact obedience brings us miracles”


The work of the Lord is ever moving foward, and what an honor it is to be one of his servants and bear the name of the Savior every day. I love being out here, despite what trials or what discouragements may come.

 Hope you all continue to stay happy, healthy and safe. I will have you know that on the 4th of July a bunch of the Gringo missionaries (myself included) got together and sang the Star Spangled Banner so yes, I did manage to celebrate the 4th all the way over here in Peru. Love you all, hope to hear from you soon.


Elder Cruz


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