June 15, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

DSCN0695[1] I am becoming more and more convinced that the hardest part of my week isnt actually proselyting, but rather trying to condense the mountain of spiritual experiences and amazing stories I have each and every week into one, choesive email, all within the span of one hour or less. Seriously, Mondays stress me out.

 This week we had our most recent Multi Zone Conference. This one was very special, for it would be the last time we as a Zone will be seeing our Mission President and his wife in this capacity. Our President and his wife have served here in Piura for 3 years, and in 2 weeks time they will be heading home to their families. It was a very emotional and spiritual goodbye. Each zone of missionaries was to prepare a special musical number for this multi zone conference. My zone of Castilla sang a rendition of I Know That My Redeemer Lives. I was in charge of the piano as per usual. It was a very powerful moment. Hearing the testimonies of the two who have guided and cared for 3 years worth of missionaries of the Lord really  brought me to love and respect them even more than I had before, and what a blessing it has been to know them even if but for a short while. At the end of the final prayer, a few missionaries stood up and began to sing “God be With you Till We Meet Again” and soon everyone joined in, wishing President and Sister Rowely farewell for the last time. Some even cried. It was a powerful and moving experience. I am thankful for the time that Heavenly Father has given me to be with them.

 We will soon receive a new Mission Presidency, and the whole mission is itching to see what changes will be made, and how things will be different. A great change will be coming up soon, and we are all very excited to see in what direction our new Mission President will take us.

 As for myself, things are going well in some areas and in others, well not so much. The dedication of the temple of Trujillo, Peru is coming up on the 21st of this month and the whole mission is excited to see it. I even have my white handkerchief all ready to go. Our progress with some of our investigators has seemed to have halted for a bit and this has brought us back a bit this week. It is very disheartening to see a baptismal date fall through but the best we can do it keep teaching, keep loving the people we teach, and above all, remember for who it is we are working for. Many times in the mission where I feel that I am lacking success, it brings me much peace and comfort to remember just who it is I am doing this work for. My Heavenly Father has asked me to give my all in this grand work of salvation, and even in those moments of discouragement, I know that he continues to believe in me. I once read in one of my books from the Missionary library that many missionaries leave on their missions thinking that they will repay the Lord for his goodness by dedicating 2 years of their lives to his ministry. But they quickly learn that they can never do more for the Lord than what he has already done for them. I bear testimony of this with all my heart and soul. Even when I have given it my all, I know that God requires much more of me because he knows what I am capable of. True I will never be able to do more for him than what he has already done for me, but the best I can do is accept his will and keep going.

 I may be saying goodbye to my current area very soon. In 2 weeks we will have transfers and it is very likely my turn to go. I dont know how I will say goodbye to this new family I have made. I have made mention of this to several of my investigators and recent converts. I dont know how I will bear to look into the eyes of the families that I have come to love so much and tell them I must take my leave. Especially the little ones, they already have asked me why it is I am leaving and if I can stay longer. They come up to me on Sundays, grab my legs and tell me “No te vayas!” which translates to, “Dont go!”. Ahh, this is going to be rough, I know it.

 Anyways, this about wraps up my letter for the week. I hope and pray for the safety and well being of everyone back home. I once again thank you for your consistent love and support. Its nice to know that there are many who care for me, and from you all I draw strength to keep going. Love you all, until next week.


 Elder Cruz


One thought on “June 15, 2015

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us Justin. You are an inspiration! I love reading your letters,and can feel the Spirit when I read. I know that your Heavenly Father is so proud of you and the choices you are making. I’m grateful for your influence in my families life. We are praying for you and the people whose lives you touch. Thank you!


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