June 8, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,WP_20150510_12_58_56_Pro

Another week down. The time is passing by a little faster than I would like it to. Its hard to believe that I will be wrapping up about 4 months in my current ward here in Catacaos. It will be very, very hard when I will have to say goodbye to the wonderful people of this ward, the people who have blessed my life in ways that I cannot even describe. Right now we are in week 4 of our 6 week transfer cycle and it is very probable that it will be my turn to get transfered out at the end of this transfer. I am eager and willing to go wherever the Lord commands me, but some little part of me would like to stay here just a little longer with this newfound family of mine.

This week was a little more discouraging than others. Some of our baptismal candidates had their baptismal dates fall through due to lack of church attendance. This past sunday we had a pretty miserable turnout for our investigators and less actives, and as I have said in times before, it just breaks your heart when youre waiting for them to come and they just…dont. Its very difficult sometimes to keep your faith up and keep from blaming yourself for their lack of progress. As missionaries we are the guides that point the way to Christ and its hard sometimes to live up to that job description. Thats when prayer comes in. I have been reviewing the General Conferences talks this week, especially those of the Priesthood session. Being a missionary of the Lord, it just strikes my heart when I hear the words of the Apsotles who call for “the greatest generation of young adults” this world has yet known and to recognize I am part of that call. A particular talk given by President Eyring, really took me to some deep reflection. He spoke of the connection between the capacity of our Priesthood power, and humble, sincere, frequent prayer. I thought to myself of the prayers that I offer to the Lord and I choked up a bit as I came to realize that the almight God of everything that there is in this world is always waiting and willing to talk to me, but sometimes I am not sufficiently humble to listen. I knelt down a few nights ago and pleaded for his help this coming week, and the feelings of relief and comfort that came to me do not admit description. There is no way that anyone who has sincerely, honestly prayed to deny the power therof and claim that prayer does not work. I know it does. I have felt it, and how grateful I am for that testimony. The mission has taught me alot of things, but more often than not it makes me feel alot of things, and what I have felt I can sincerely say comes from Heaven.

Well, thats my spiritual speech for the week. Life continues to go by as normal for the most part here in Peru. Apparently we are in Winter but it still feels like summer. I guess as a Washington boy I will never get used to the heat here. But its all part of the fun.

Les quiero mucho mi familia, les extroño tanto pero yo se que El Señor me necesita aqui. Yo espero que ustedes sepan que les amo muchisimo y yo oro para ustedes cada mañana y noche. Gracias siempre por sus testimonions, amor, y apoyo que me da diariamente. hasta luego!

Con sinceridad,

Elder Cruz


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