May 11, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,  WP_20150510_12_51_57_Pro WP_20150510_12_58_56_Pro What happiness it gave me to have but a brief moment the other day to call home and see your loving faces once again. I realize that perhaps 4 or 5 months isnt exactly a huge amount of time to be away from home, but when youre miles away from the ones you call family, it can indeed feel like a lifetime. And what a pleasure it was just to take a step back and be with my family, even if it only was through a computer screen. I was so glad to hear from all of you again, to know that the family is doing well and life goes on over there in Washington. I eagerly await Christmas time 7 months from now, for the next oppurtunity to see you all again. But until then, there are others here in Peru that need my attention and I am always going my best to give it to them.  My 12 week training will be wrapping up with the end of this coming week and I will no longer be a sheltered little missionary in training. I feel like I really have a good grasp on missionary life now and my Spanish is beginning to take off more than it has before. Lessons are going smoothly, we are setting goals and doing our best to achieve them, and while we are not perfect teachers, the Lord more than makes up what we lack. Still we struggle with getting our investigators, less actives, and some of our recent converts to the chapel, and sometimes its hard not to get discouraged. Thats where the scriptures and prayer comes in. I was recently reading in the book of Alma and I came across the famous scripture given to Alma and the other sons of Mosiah, who said that when their hearts were discouraged and about to turn back, the Lord spoke unto them and said that they should go forth among their brethren the Lamanites once more, and he would give unto them success. I have come to learn that more often than not, the blessings come after we have done all we can do, and then a little more. There have been times where I feel like there is just nothing more I am capable of, but then the Spirit compels me to just go a bit further, just a little, and without fail we find the success we are looking for. The mission really is the best learning experience out there. And the things I have learned are innumerable.  Well, life goes on here in Piura and the work of the Lord continues to be very rewarding. Time is running out on me, but as always I give unto you my family all my love and best wishes. It was very nice seeing you all again yesterday, and the support you all give to me is truly a priceless gift that helps me to continue forward with faith. Thanks for everything, talk to you soon.DSCN0688[1] DSCN0683[1] DSCN0644[1] DSCN0603[1]  Sincerely, Elder Cruz


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