May 4, 2015

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Dear Mom,

 First things first, believe me when I say that I am very familiar with the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight. There wasn’t a newspaper in Peru that didn’t have that as part of its front page. Of course as a missionary I didn’t watch the fight but from the talk of the people on the street I might as well have. Its always fun to get a little piece of what’s going on back home every now and again to help me remember that even while these 2 years I will dedicate to the Lord, there’s still a home waiting for me back home, and a life that I will someday need to resume. But as you have said, there is not greater work than this and that I truly honestly believe.

 This past week was also our fast and testimony meeting over here in the Catacaos ward. Something very special about this ward is that it is very missionary focused. Every testimony that was borne during the meeting had something to do with the missionaries and the job that we do. Truly I can feel the love that each member has for us and just to be out here as one of the Lords servants is a priceless gift that I would not trade for anything. It would seem that I am now officially the ward pianist. What fun. This past sundae we lost a little bit of our investigator attendance so that brought our spirits a little low. There are a handful of families that we are currently working with that used to attend but now are not doing so well and I cannot help but think that it is something that I am lacking. As a missionary, it is my duty to help and uplift those that need me and so its a little heartbreaking to not see those faces you so desperately want to see in the congregation. But nonetheless, I know that there’s always something the Lord intends for me to learn from every setback and if I can just find it, I know all will be made well.


This coming week we have baptisms lined up for miles so we are very excited and very grateful. There is a little girl in the ward named Maricielo whom has asked me to confirm her this coming Sunday. I have been given permission by the Bishop to do so, and so wouldn’t you know it, this will be my very first confirmation ever! What’s more, I also have another investigator who wants me to confirm her too! I must be popular or something. On another note, we had a karaoke night with the ward this past week and I may have stepped forward and belted a song or two. It was great fun, and we even managed to get one of our investigator families to attend. The mission does have its fun times.

That about wraps up this week. I leave with all of you as always my deepest love and best wishes. I am always thinking about you guys and truly each email from home is an irreplaceable treasure. I pray for you constantly and I know God has blessed me to have put me in a family such as this. Take care until next Monday. Cant wait for Mothers Day!


 Elder Cruz


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