April 27, 2015

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Dear Mom,

 Mission life continues to be what it is, very tough, very challenging, but all the more rewarding and uplifting as well. Still it blows me away to just take a step back and see just how much Heavenly Father really cares for his missionaries. Just being out here in Piura and experiencing all the things that I could never experience back home just brings my spirit to a whole new level of gratitude. Although this week was a bit more of a spiritual struggle than the others, never once did I doubt that I had heavenly help guiding me along and directing my path.

 This week we performed service for a member family and helped them set up a shower among other things. It involved digging holes, setting bricks, moving big stacks of hay looking stuff, and a lot of hard labor under the Peruvian sun. My shoes got wrecked by the mud and I dont even want to talk about the sweat, but nonetheless the joy of giving service is always a reward worth working for, and I was extremely humbled to see just how much these people did not have physically, but were willing to give spiritually to support us and the ward as well. This family was very active in their service to the ward and despite what they lack in a temporal sense, they are more than rich in their devotion and spirit and this is something that I have seen time in and time out in the mission. I may not be living in the most comfy of living conditions or dealing with the most modern of living quarters but when it comes right down to it, the spirit that radiates from the people here that I have been able to partake of makes me forget all that and lets me cherish and love what it is I have been given. Just one of the many fruits of laboring, as you said Mom, in the Lords vineyard.

 We continue to teach and preach to whom will hear us but this week I was a bit more physically drained than normal. Rest assured that now I am doing fine but as I said, this was a bit of a trying week for me, and for that I am hoping to be even more obedient and dedicated to the work. If there is anything that I have learned thus far its that work is the only solution to problems in the mission field. If I work, I will be blessed, and then I can in turn bless those around me, but it all depends on what it is I give to the Lords errand.

 I want to take a moment and adress the family. Its wonderful to hear that the kids are doing so well with their robotics team and the things they are learning. Honestly it astounds me just how rapidly those guys are all growing up. Soon enough theyre gonna be cooler than me, and I cant have that now can I? I pray for each and every one of them and I hope that they too can see just how influential the Lords hand has been in our lives as a family. I am glad to have been born to such an amazing and supportive extended family. I know that all of you, my uncles and aunts and cousins and friends have incredible testimonies and truthfully the things they all write to me lift me up and give me what I need to carry on.

 That about wraps this one up. I cant wait to see whats coming up next. I am almost done with 2 transfer cycle here in Catacaos. Once 12 weeks wraps up, I wont be a trainee anymore. I dont know how to feel about that yet. But, I know that no matter what, God will have my back. Until next time!


 Elder Cruz


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