April 6, 2015

Dear Mom,


Wow my own blog? Im flattered. In all seriousness, I cant express enough thanks and gratitude for what is being done to support me. You, the family, and rest or my friends and ward family all have extended such kind and welcoming support to me accross the many miles that seperate us and for that I have felt so much appreciation and love. God is always looking out for his missionaries, and when I read letters from home and see those comments from others I care about it just testifies to me that my life has been blessed by this grand errand of the Lord, and it is my sincere hope that I can extend this love and light to those here in Piura who are waiting to be illuminated by the light of the Gospel.


Well, today marks my first compelte transfer cycle as a missionary. I now have 6 whole weeks under my belt and while I am still green as the grass that doesnt grow here, I am not the newest kid on the block. New missionaries (a total of 10) are coming in this week as the work of the Lord continues to progress here in Peru. This past week or so we have been working with two families whose children have such a sincere and powerful desire to learn of the gospel and be baptized. We invited them to our Easter activity in the Chapel and the light and joy I saw in the eyes of those little 8 and 9 year old boys and girls just made me the happiest missionary in Piura. We hope that through the example of these kids, their mothers and father will also feel of their spirit and have the desire to be baptized. We are looking forward with confidence and faith and maybe soon we will have another baptism!


As general conference concluded this week, I was left to wonder what it is I could change about myself as a missionary to better hasten the work of salvation. What could I learn from the prophets and apostles and how could I apply the gospel more fully in my life? If anything, I feel more energized and willing than ever to dedicate myself to this grand work and focus wholeheartedly on the work of salvation. Many of the talks during Conference were centered on the family, and I know without a doubt that the Gospel blesses families. It brings comfort. It brings peace. And these are the things people are looking for, and it is what we can offer them as missionaries, if we are but worthy and willing. Sometimes people dont want to listen to us. Sometimes our appointments fall through and our converts or less actives turn us away or are unresponsive. But they are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father, and my companion and I will not leave them. We have been trying extra extra hard to reactivate some of our less actives and the spirit of truth I feel when I bear them my testimony truly strenghtens me and gives me the courage to declare that God lives, and he is waiting for us.


I hear that you have been very very busy as of late and so I wish you the best of luck in all that it is you do. I continually pray for your safety and comfort and I plead with the Lord every night to bless my family. Give me regards to everyone and tell them that Elder Cruz is keeping them in his thoughts. Until next time.




Elder Cruz

DSCN0346[1] DSCN0423[1]



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